Expanding Your Bubble – Internet Radio Stations

Will Coldwell writes in Want to tune in to the world’s radio stations? Grow your listening with Radio.Garden:

A new interactive online website allows users to explore radio stations around the world – as they broadcast live. It’s a timely project that celebrates human communication across borders.

(graphic omitted)

Even in the digital age, it’s an experience familiar to many: scrolling through a radio tuner, jumping from crackled voices to clearcut sound, shipping forecasts to pop tunes, in the hunt for a station you want to listen to.

Now, you can experience this on a global scale, hopping thousands of the world’s radio stations. Launched this week, Radio.Garden is an interactive website that presents Earthcovered in tiny dots, each representing a radio station that can be tuned into at the click of a button.

Defaults to your location and after a bit of exploring, here’s my current location:


The interface is very smooth and entertaining.

Caveat on the location data. The image shown for the stations KANH-HD2 and KJIL-KJLG lists Emporia, United States as the “location.”

If you look up Kjil991.com or Kpr.ku.edu, you will find them located in Meade and Lawrence Kansas, respectively.

Adding state/nation borders would help with navigation.

Still, quite a joy to find.

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