Dark Web Data Dumps

Dark Web Data Dumpsby Sarah Jamie Lewis.

From the webpage:

A collection of structured data obtained from scraping the dark web.


Researchers need more data about the dark web.

The best resource we have right now are the (Black Market Archives)[https://www.gwern.net/Black-market%20archives], scrapping of various marketplaces scrapped by Gwern et al in 2013.

Much has changed since 2013, and complete web dumps, while useful for some research tasks, frustrate and complicate others.

Further, governments & corporations are already building out such data in private & for profit.

This Resource

Sarah Jamie Lewis. Dark Web Data Dumps, 2016, 10 Dec 2016. Web. [access date] https://polecat.mascherari.press/onionscan/dark-web-data-dumps

Valhalla Marketplace Listings October 2016

Sarah Jamie Lewis. Dark Web Data Dumps, 2016, Octber 2016. Web. [access date] https://polecat.mascherari.press/onionscan/dark-web-data-dumps/blob/master/valhalla-marketplace-listings-2016-10.csv


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Valhalla Marketplace Listings runs 1.3 MB and 16511 lines.

Sans the Rolex watch ads, makes great New Year’s party material. 😉

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