The 10 Commandments of Exfiltration

‘Perfect’ Data Exfiltration Demonstrated by Larry Loeb.

From the post:

The 10 Commandments of Exfiltration

Following the experiment, the researchers came up with a technique of exfiltration based on their newly established 10 commandments. According to the SafeBreach presentation, these commandments are:

  1. No security through obscurity should be used.
  2. Only Web browsing and derived traffic is allowed.
  3. Anything that may theoretically be perceived as passing information is forbidden.
  4. Scrutinize every packet during comprehensive network monitoring.
  5. Assume TLS/SSL termination at the enterprise level.
  6. Assume the receiving party has no restrictions.
  7. Assume no nation-state or third-party site monitoring.
  8. Enable time synchronization between the communicating parties.
  9. There’s bonus points for methods that can be implemented manually from the sender side.
  10. Active disruption by the enterprise is always possible.

The technique discussed is criticized as “low bandwidth” but then I think, how much bandwidth does it take to transmit an admin login and password?

Definitely worth a slow read.

Other contenders for similar 10 commandments of exflitration?

As a trivial example, consider a sender who leaves work every day at the same time through a double door. If they exit to their right, it is a 0 and if they exit to their left, it is a 1. Perhaps only on set days of the week or month.

Very low bandwidth but as I said, for admin login/password, it would be sufficient.

How imaginative is your exflitration security?

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