How To Use Twitter to Learn Data Science (or anything)

How To Use Twitter to Learn Data Science (or anything) by Data Science Renee.

Judging from the date on the post (May 2016), Renee’s enthusiasm for Twitter came before her recently breaking 10,000 followers on Twitter. (Congratulations!)

The one thing I don’t see Renee mentioning is the use of your own Twitter account to gain experience with a whole range of data mining tools.

Your Twitter feed will quickly out-strip your ability to “keep up,” so how do you propose to deal with that problem?

Renee suggests limiting examination of your timeline (in part), but have you considered using machine learning to assist you?

Or visualizing your areas of interests or people that you follow?

Indexing resources pointed to in tweets?

NLP processing of tweets?

Every tool of data science that you will be using for clients is relevant to your own Twitter feed.

What better way to learn tools than using them on content that interests you?


BTW, follow Data Science Renee for a broad range of data science tools and topics!

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