What’s Your NSA Number?

You have heard of Erdös numbers, which are based on collaboration of mathematicians with Paul Erdös. The Erdös Number Project

The publication of (alleged) NSA hacked sites may give rise to your NSA Number. (New leak may show if you were hacked by the NSA by Dan Goodin.)

With two assumptions:

  1. The 290 IP addresses are indeed valid.
  2. The NSA did in fact hack those sites.

The top NSA Number would be 290. (I combined, sorted and deduped the IP addresses. Other counts are out there but I don’t know how they were made.)

As a first step, I ran ping on the 290 and 74 reported as “up.”

My results on the 290.

Many others avenues of server detection to pursue but a common list is a good start.

Edits/changes to my list?


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