Bank Being Held Hostage (or rather its data)

DarkNet Hackers ‘DarkOverlord’ Hack WestPark Capital Bank for Ransom tells a tale of secret/sensitive bank information being stolen and then the bank is threatened with its release, unless ransom is paid.

The hackers have dropped a “sample” of sensitive information, one assumes to prove the hack but also as incentive for WestPark Capital Bank to make payment.

I mention the story because the strategy of the hackers in releasing information to the public about the hack seems like an odd strategy.

Contrast “holding” a copy of data with the recent spate of ransomware hacks, were victims are denied access to their data at all. The absence of being able to conduct their regular business provides a powerful incentive for payment of a ransom.

“Holding” a copy of a bank’s data in no way impairs their day to day operations. Considering the “normal” activities of banks, shaming for poor security, or anything else, is an unlikely lever to use against a bank.

Clearly a direct payment from WestPark Capital Bank is the preferred solution of ‘DarkOverLord.’

But you have to ask yourself, does WestPark Capital Bank or its customers have greater incentives to prevent release of the data?

Customers of WestPark Capital Bank need to assess their risk of civil and criminal liability from documents held by WestPark and act in their own best interests.

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