If It’s Good Enough For Colin Powell…

Some security advice for Colin Powell to better protect his Gmail account by Graham Cluley.

Graham posted webmail security advice for Colin Powell after 26 months worth of his private emails were leaked by DC Leaks.

Nothing surprising for my readers but pass it on to the c-suite types.

You can search and view Powell’s emails at DC Leaks / Colin Luther Powell.

Graham omits any link to DC Leaks and says:

Of course, the emails aren’t just embarrassing and damaging for the privacy of Colin Powell – they are also potentially humiliating for the people he was corresponding with, who have had their own private conversations exposed to the world.

Oh, the horror! Invasions of privacy!

You mean like the millions of ordinary people who aren’t secure in their phone calls, emails, web browsing, banking, credit histories, etc., all the time?

The extremely privileged getting nicked every now and again doesn’t trouble me.

“Oversight” hasn’t protected our freedoms, perhaps constant and detailed exposure of the privileged will. Worth a shot!

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