Wifi Fishing

4th grader’s project on cyber security proves people will click on anything by Erin Cargile.

Evan Robertson programmed a mobile hot spot with this pop-up to connect:

…You allow any and all data you transmit to be received, reused, modified and/or redistributed in any way we deem fit. You agree to allow your connecting device to be accessed and/or modified by us in any way, including but not limited to harvesting personal information, reading and responding to your emails…If you are still reading this you should definitely not connect to this network. It’s not radical, dude. Also, we love cats. Have a good day!”

More than half of the people who connected, accepted the terms!

Sounds like a great group project for the holidays! Especially if you will be at the shopping mall anyway.

Come to think of it, use a bank logo, with more reasonable terms and you will attract unwary hackers as well.

For an extra webpage or two, you may collect some logins and passwords as well.


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