Atlanta Hack Opens 1.2 Billion Vehicles

The reports of a wireless hack that can open 100 million Volkswagens are impressive:


Car Thieves Can Unlock 100 Million Volkswagens With A Simple Wireless Hack by Swati Khandelwal.

But I wanted to point out an Atlanta hack that opens the estimated 1.2 billion vehicles in the world.


To be complete, here is film footage of this hack in action:

Both the wireless opening hack and the Atlanta hack require additional effort to drive the opened car away.

On securing your car, see: Simple hack unlocks 100 million Volkswagen vehicles – Simple Absolute Defense.

PS: Contrast the estimated $40 cost of an Arduino-based RF Transceiver (from Swati’s post) plus technical expertise with the $0.00 cost of the Atlanta hack and lack of technical expertise. Which do you think will be more widespread?

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