Tor Browser User Manual (updated)

Tor Browser User Manual 6.0.1.

From About Tor Browser:

Tor Browser uses the Tor network to protect your privacy and anonymity. Using the Tor network has two main properties:

  • Your internet activity, including the names and addresses of the websites you visit, will be hidden from your Internet service provider and from anyone watching your connection locally.
  • The operators of the websites and services that you use, and anyone watching them, will see a connection coming from the Tor network instead of your real Internet (IP) address, and will not know who you are unless you explicitly identify yourself.

In addition, Tor Browser is designed to prevent websites from “fingerprinting” or identifying you based on your browser configuration.

By default, Tor Browser does not keep any browsing history. Cookies are only valid for a single session (until Tor Browser is exited or a New Identity is requested).

With intelligence agencies promising to obey laws in future, the saying:

Fool me once,

Shame on you;

Fool me twice,

Shame on me.

comes to mind.

Surf without Tor if you believe liars and law breakers won’t continue to be liars and law breakers, but for the rest of us the rule is:

Tor: Don’t surf the Internet Without It.

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