Saxon-JS – Beta Release (EE-License)


From the webpage:

Saxon-JS is an XSLT 3.0 run-time written in pure JavaScript. It’s designed to execute Stylesheet Export Files compiled by Saxon-EE.

The first beta release is Saxon-JS 0.9 (released 28 July 2016), for use on web browsers. This can be used with Saxon-EE or later.

The beta release has been tested with current versions of Safari, Firefox, and Chrome browsers. It is known not to work under Internet Explorer. Browser support will be extended in future releases. Please let us know of any problems.

Saxon-JS documentation.

Goodies from the documentation:

Because people want to write rich interactive client-side applications, Saxon-JS does far more than simply converting XML to HTML, in the way that the original client-side XSLT 1.0 engines did. Instead, the stylesheet can contain rules that respond to user input, such as clicking on buttons, filling in form fields, or hovering the mouse. These events trigger template rules in the stylesheet which can be used to read additional data and modify the content of the HTML page.

We’re talking here primarily about running Saxon-JS in the browser. However, it’s also capable of running in server-side JavaScript environments such as Node.js (not yet fully supported in this beta release).

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