First Steps In The 30K Hillary Clinton Email Hunt

No, no tips from “Russian hackers,” but rather from the fine staff at the Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

You may have heard of the WSJ. So far as I know, they have never been accused of collaboration with Russian hackers, Putin or the KGB.

Anyway, the WSJ posted: Get and analyze Hillary Clinton’s email, which reads in part as follows:

In response to a public records request, the U.S. State Department is releasing Hillary Clinton’s email messages from her time as secretary of state. Every month, newly released messages are posted to as PDFs, with some metadata.

This collection of tools automates downloading and helps analyze the messages. The Wall Steet Journal’s interactive graphics team uses some of this code to power our Clinton inbox search interactive.

Great step-by-step instructions on getting setup to analyze Clinton’s emails, with the one caveat that I had to change:

pip install virtualenv


sudo pip install virtualenv

With that one change, everything ran flawlessly on my Ubuntu 14.04 box.

Go ahead and get setup to analyze the emails.

Tomorrow: Clues from this data set to help in the hunt for the 30K deleted Hillary Clinton emails.

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