Outing Dark Web Spies (Donate to Tor)

Two security experts have conducted a study that allowed them to spot over 100 snooping Tor Nodes spying on Dark Web Sites by Pierluigi Paganini.

From the post:

…Joseph Cox from Motherboad reported a study conducted by Guevara Noubir, a professor from the College of Computer and Information Science at Northeastern University, and Amirali Sanatinia, a PhD candidate also from Northeaster who revealed the existence of s number of Tor hidden service directories that are spying on Tor websites. Such kind of attacks could allow law enforcement to discover IP addresses of black markets and child pornography sites.

A similar technique could be very useful also for security firms that offer dark web intelligence services.

Threat actors using this technique could reveal the IP address of Tor hidden services, Noubir will present the results of the research at the Def Con hacking conference in August.

“We create what we call ‘honey onions’ or ‘honions.’ These are onion addresses that we don’t share with anyone,” Noubir said.

The security researchers ran 4,500 honey onions over 72 days, they identified that at least 110 HSDirs have been configured to spy on hidden services.

The experts highlighted that some of the threat actors operating the bogus HSDirs were active observers involved in many activities, including penetration testing.

While Next Generation Onion Services (issue 224), (Montreal 2016 update), is under development, outing dark web spies may be your next best defense.

Your best defense is supporting the Tor project. You support will help it gain and keep the advantage over dark web spies.

By helping Tor, you will be helping all of us, yourself included.

PS: Def Con 24 is August 4-7, 2016, at Paris + Bally’s in Las Vegas. No pre-registration, $240 USD cash at the door.

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