Slouching Towards Total Surveillance – Investigatory Powers Bill Update

Investigatory Powers Bill 2015-16 to 2016-17.

Bill Summary:

A Bill to make provision about the interception of communications, equipment interference and the acquisition and retention of communications data, bulk personal datasets and other information; to make provision about the treatment of material held as a result of such interception, equipment interference or acquisition or retention; to establish the Investigatory Powers Commissioner and other Judicial Commissioners and make provision about them and other oversight arrangements; to make further provision about investigatory powers and national security; to amend sections 3 and 5 of the Intelligence Services Act 1994; and for connected purposes.

Whatever criticisms you may have of the UK Parliment, you must admit its delivery of legislative information is quite nice.

Via email today I received notice of “sitting” and “provisional sitting” on the Investigatory Powers Bill. A quick check of their glossary reveals that “sitting” is another term for committee meeting.

The first “sitting” or committee meeting on this bill will be 11.07.2016.

A process described on the homepage of this bill as:

Committee stage – line by line examination of the Bill – is scheduled to begin on 11 July.

Considering its progress so far, I’m not expecting “line by line examination” to impede its progress.

Still, it’s not, yet, a law so delay, diversion, dilution, remain possibilities.

The privacy you protect could well be your own.

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