How To Get On The FBI Terrorist Watch List

Thomas Neuberger published a list of activities that culmulatively, may get you on the FBI terrorist watch list: We Are All Terror Suspects Under the FBI’s Communities Against Terrorism Program.

Unfortunately, given the secrecy surrounding the FBI terrorist watch list, it isn’t possible to know which activities or to what degree are necessary to ensure your inclusion on the list.

The same is true for the no fly list, except there you will be prevented from flying, which is a definite “tell” that you are on the no fly list.

Thomas outlines the dangers of the FBI terrorist watch list, but not how we can go about defeating those dangers.

One obvious solution is to get everyone on the FBI terrorist watch list. If we are all equally suspects, the FBI will spend all its time trying to separate merely “suspects,” from “really suspects,” from “really terrorist suspects.”

To that end, think about the following:

  • Report sightings of FBI agents with unknown persons.
  • Report sightings of FBI agents with known persons.
  • Report people entering federal buildings.
  • Report people exiting federal buildings.
  • Report people entering/exiting state/local government offices.
  • Report movements of gasoline, butane, etc., trucks.
  • Report people entering/exiting airports.
  • Report people entering/leaving bars.
  • Report people buying gasoline or butane.
  • Report people buying toys.
  • Report people entering/exiting gun shops/shows.
  • etc.

The FBI increases its ignorance every day by collecting more data than it can usefully process.

Help yourself and your fellow citizens to hide in a sea of data and ignorance.

Reports your sightings to the FBI today!

PS: If that sound ineffectual, remember that the FBI was warned about Omar Mateen, twice. When, not if, a future terrorist attack happens and your accidental report of the terrorist surfaces, how will that make the FBI look?

The FBI has created a data collection madhouse for itself. Help them enjoy it.

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