Microsoft Giveth, Microsoft Taketh Away

Microsoft Revoking Free Fallout 4 Copies Grabbed Due to Xbox Store Error by Ron Witaker.

From the post:

Yesterday afternoon, Fallout 4‘s Deluxe Edition Bundle showed up on the Xbox Store for a very attractive price – $0.00. As you can imagine, word of the error spread quickly, and while no numbers are available, you can bet that many people took advantage of the deal to grab a copy for their Xbox One. That version of the game typically runs $109.99, and includes the Season Pass for all the DLC.

Ron goes on to point out that Microsoft is revoking all licenses obtained due to this error.

With some exceptions, a sale is a completed act and not subject to revocation by only one of the parties.

Would be a stronger case if Fallout 4‘s Deluxe Edition Bundle had listed a price of at least $0.01. Can you say why?

Would costing $0.01 when purchased with other games make a difference?

Keep an eye out for litigation!

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