Scientists reportedly close to finding a use for LinkedIn

Scientists reportedly close to finding a use for LinkedIn

Following a four-year multinational, interdisciplinary, cross-disciplinary study involving social scientists, computer scientists, algorithm developers, statisticians, mathematicians, programmers, engineers and clairvoyants, reports are circulating that there may be a breakthrough in the search for a use for the LinkedIn social network website.

“We don’t want to get people’s hopes up too much”, said Prof. Don Key of Stanford West University, “but we feel we are nearly there”.

“We have partnered with IBM and have used several hundred racks of their BlueGene/Q platform for the past four years and the results will almost certainly be out by next Friday”, said Prof. Key.


One serious use of LinkedIn is to collect images for your facial recognition cameras.

LinkedIn is one of the many “leaky” public sources of data. Even without breaching its security.

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PS: I just saw this news scrolling across the screen: “Study confirms the wicked get 63% less rest.”

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