Asking the Impossible, Avoiding the Obvious – MS on Ransom:Win32/ZCryptor.A.

Link (.lnk) to Ransom.

From the post:

We are alerting Windows users of a new type of ransomware that exhibits worm-like behavior. This ransom leverages removable and network drives to propagate itself and affect more users. We detect this ransomware as Ransom:Win32/ZCryptor.A.

The post goes onto note these avenues of infection:

Ransom:Win32/ZCryptor.A is distributed through the spam email infection vector. It also gets installed in your machine through other macro malware*, or fake installers (Flash Player setup).

If you think that sounds bad, consider one of the recommended means for avoiding Ransom:Win32/ZCryptor.A:

Avoid browsing web sites that are known for being malware breeding grounds (illegal download sites, porn sites, etc.)

And the other reasons for using the Internet would be? 😉

BTW, the bulletin avoids the most obvious solution to Ransom:Win32/ZCryptor.A:

Don’t run Windows.


Something to bear in mind when the GAO wants agencies to upgrade from pre-Windows software to “modern,” but insecure software.

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