SVGs beyond mere shapes

SVGs beyond mere shapes by Nadieh Bremer

From the post:

I was exhilarated (and honored) to have my talk accepted for OpenVis 2016. Yesterday April 25th, 2016, I was on the stage of the Simons IMAX Theatre in Boston’s New England Aquarium to inspire the audience with some dataviz eye candy. My talk was titled SVGs beyond mere shapes:

SVG can do much more than create nice shapes and paths. In my talk I discuss several techniques and demonstrate how to implement them in D3: from dynamic gradients based on data, to SVG filters, to creating glow, gooey, and fuzzy effects that brighten up any visual.

My eventual goal was to give people a whole bunch of effective or fun examples but to also show them that, even if I focus on a subject as narrow as SVG gradient and filters, if you try to experiment and use things in an unconventional manner you can create some very interesting results. I hope I’ve managed to inspire the audience to show a dedication to the details, to go beyond the norm, so they have to make as few concessions to the computer as possible to recreate the image that they have in their mind.

I’ve received so many wonderful reactions, it was really an amazing experience and well worth the time invested and the nerves I’ve had building up inside of me since hearing I’d been accepted last November 🙂

Are you ready to take SVG beyond shapes?

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