AstroImageJ – ImageJ for Astronomy

AstroImageJ – ImageJ for Astronomy

From the webpage:

AstroImageJ (AIJ)

  • Runs on Linux, Windows and Mac OS
  • Provides an interactive interface similar to ds9
  • Reads and writes FITS images with standard headers
  • Allows FITS header viewing and editing
  • Plate solves and adds WCS to images seamlessly using the web interface
  • Displays astronomical coordinates for images with WCS
  • Provides object identification via an embedded SIMBAD interface
  • Aligns image sequences using WCS headers or by using apertures to correlate stars
  • Image calibration including bias, dark, flat, and non-linearity correction with option to run in real-time
  • Interactive time-series differential photometry interface with option to run in real-time
  • Allows comparison star ensemble changes without re-running differential photometry
  • Provides an interactive multi-curve plotting tool streamlined for plotting light curves
  • Includes an interactive light curve fitting interface with simultaneous detrending
  • Allows non-destructive object annotations/labels using FITS header keywords
  • Provides a time and coordinate converter tool with capability to update/enhance FITS header content (AIRMASS, BJD, etc.)
  • Exports analyses formatted as spreadsheets
  • Creates color images and with native ImageJ processing power
  • Optionally enter reference star apparent magnitudes to calculate target star magnitudes automatically
  • Optionally create Minor Planet Center (MPC) format for direct submission of data to the MPC



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