FBI Hacked San Bernardino IPhone – Why Do You Believe That?

The claim of the FBI to have hacked the San Bernardino IPhone without help from Apple has flooded social and mainstream media.

What I haven’t heard in all that clamor is any reason to credit that claim.

This is the same FBI mentioned in:

Report: ‘Nearly Every’ FBI Forensics Expert Gave Flawed Testimony In ‘Almost All Trials’ Over A 20-Year Period

Official confirmation the FBI lied? (Boston Marathon Bombing)

The Judi Bari Website FBI conspiracy (civil court verdict)

FBI Sanctioned for Lying About Existence of Surveillance Records

Admittedly, it isn’t easy to catch the FBI lying, but these few cases illustrate that lying is a way of life at the FBI.

Or as the 9th Circuit is quoted as saying in FBI Sanctioned for Lying About Existence of Surveillance Records:

The Government argues that there are times when the interests of national security require the Government to mislead the Court. The Court strongly disagrees. The Government’s duty of honesty to the Court can never be excused, no matter what the circumstance. The Court is charged with the humbling task of defending the Constitution and ensuring that the Government does not falsely accuse people, needlessly invade their privacy or wrongfully deprive them of their liberty. The Court simply cannot perform this important task if the Government lies to it. Deception perverts justice. Truth always promotes it.

When you are dealing with a party that has a policy of misleading courts to further “national security,” why would you credit any unsubstantiated claim from that source?

More than a policy, a history of lying to both the public and the courts.

Is it sufficient that the FBI declare it’s not lying today? This time? Or did any media representative even ask that question?

Until an independent expert “hacks” an identical iPhone using the FBI’s “method,” the FBI “hack” of the San Bernardino IPhone ranks with photos of presidents with aliens:


And for equal time purposes:


A skeptical public press would not parrot the unsubstantiated claims of known liars, even when those liars are federal agencies.

But then, we don’t have a skeptical public press.


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