Brave Clojure: Become a Better Programmer

Brave Clojure: Become a Better Programmer by Daniel Higginbotham.

From the post:

Next week week I’m re-launching as Brave Clojure. The site will continue featuring Clojure for the Brave and True, but I’m expanding its scope a bit. Instead of just housing the book, the purpose of the site will be to help you and the people you cherish become better programmers.

Like many other Clojurists, I fell in love with the language because learning it made me a better programmer. I started learning it because I was a bit bored and burnt out on the languages and tools I had been using. Ruby, Javascript, Objective-C weren’t radically different from each other, and after using them for many years I felt like I was stagnating.

But Clojure, with its radically different approach to computation (and those exotic parentheses) drew me out of my programming funk and made it fun to code again. It gave me new tools for thinking about software, and a concomitant feeling that I had an unfair advantage over my colleagues. So of course the subtitle of Clojure for the Brave and True is learn the ultimate language and become a better programmer.

And, four years since I first encountered Rich Hickey’s fractal hair, I still find Clojure to be an exceptional tool for becoming a better programmer. This is because Clojure is a fantastic tool for exploring programming concepts, and the talented community has created exceptional libraries for such diverse approaches as forward-chaining rules engines and constraint programming and logic programming, just to name a few.

Mark your calendar to help drive the stats for Daniel’s relaunch of as Brave Clojure.

Email, tweet, blog, etc., to help others drive not only the relaunch stats but the stats for following weeks as well.

This could be one of those situations where your early participation and contributions will shape the scope and the nature of this effort.


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