eBay Customers as Collateral Damage

eBay Platform Exposed to Severe Vulnerability by Oded Vanunu.

From the post:

Check Point alerts eBay to an online sales platform vulnerability which allows cyber criminals to distribute phishing and malware campaigns.

eBay, the online auction and e-commerce giant, has locations in over 30 countries and serves more than 150 million active users worldwide. As a successful company with a massive customer base, it’s no surprise that the corporation has been the target of many cyberattacks.

Check Point has discovered a severe vulnerability in eBay’s online sales platform. This vulnerability allows attackers to bypass eBay’s code validation and control the vulnerable code remotely to execute malicious Java script code on targeted eBay users. If this flaw is left unpatched, eBay’s customers will continue to be exposed to potential phishing attacks and data theft.

An attacker could target eBay users by sending them a legitimate page that contains malicious code. Customers can be tricked into opening the page, and the code will then be executed by the user’s browser or mobile app, leading to multiple ominous scenarios that range from phishing to binary download.

After the flaw was discovered, Check Point disclosed details of the vulnerability to eBay on Dec 15, 2015. However, on January 16, 2016, eBay stated that they have no plans to fix the vulnerability. The exploit Demo is still live. (emphasis added)

What other result did you expect?

Where is the incentive for eBay? It’s eBay customers being damaged, not eBay.

No liability for software defects = No incentive for improvement of software security.

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