Toking Weed vs. Evidence on Going Dark

Going Dark? Federal Wiretap Data Show Scant Encryption Problems by Andrea Castillo.

From the post:

These charts use data from the annual Wiretap Reports published by the Administrative Office of the US Courts to display the portion of total reported wiretap orders that have been undermined by encryption technologies from 2001 to 2014. (This dataset only examines domestic wiretap requests. Information relating to wiretap requests regulated by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 is not available.) The charts show that, contrary to popular assumption, encryption technologies have only complicated a minuscule percentage of reported wiretap investigations in recent years.


Of the 147 wiretaps that encountered encrypted calls, 0.45% of 32,539 calls, 132 were deciphered so only 15 or 0.046% went undeciphered by the government.

For the sake of 15 wiretaps, the FBI and friends would strip over 300 million people of their privacy.

Did someone say that marijuana is no longer illegal in Washington, D.C.?

That’s the only explanation I can imagine for 15 wiretap cases being more important that 300+ million citizens.

Other explanations?

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