I could do with a little favour… (Graham Cluley)

I could do with a little favour…

Graham writes:

I’m honoured to have been nominated for the title of “Cybersecurity Educator of the Year” at the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards.

But here’s the problem. I’ve basically forgotten to tell anybody about it. And voting closes in the next couple of days at the end of February.

If I’ve ever helped you stay safer online, or if you have enjoyed one of my videos, I would be so grateful if you could cast a quick vote at http://cybersecurity-excellence-awards.com/candidates/graham-cluley/. All it takes is a click or two – and every vote counts!

And, of course, you can check out the other fine people nominated for the cybersecurity educator award if you would rather choose one of them!

Education in online safety is so important, and even if I don’t manage to scrabble together enough votes in time it’s good to see this important piece to the puzzle is being recognised.

Ignorance, from programmers to users, is responsible for the repetition of cybersecurity flaws. Graham and others attempt to stem that tide.

They aren’t succeeding but merit recognition for making the effort!

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