Government enlists tech giants to fight ISIS messaging – Unethical Data Scientist Openings

Government enlists tech giants to fight ISIS messaging by Jim Acosta.

From the post:

Seeking to bolster its effort to counter ISIS messaging on social media, the Obama administration is assembling something of a high-tech dream team to battle the terrorist group online.

At a meeting conducted at the Justice Department on Wednesday, executives from Apple, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, MTV and Buzzfeed offered their input to top counter intelligence officials, according to an industry source familiar with the meeting.

Nick Rasmussen, Director of the National Counterterrorism Center, told the group the administration is making strides in combating ISIS on social media, where the terrorist army has inspired potential lone wolf assailants to carry out attacks

“We’ve seen more aggressive takedowns across social media platforms, which is a really good thing,” Rasmussen was quoted as saying by the source at the gathering.

Apple’s participation in the meeting is notable, given the high-tech firm’s clash with the administration over the company’s use of encryption to shield customers’ data on its popular smart phones.

Why does the government need tech giants in order to counter Islamic State messaging with the truth?

Oh, I forgot, the U.S. government wants to counter the truthful messages of the Islamic State with lies and false narratives of hope.

Is that too extreme?

Think about it. What do you think the changes are for regime change in say Saudi Arabia? Kuwait? UAE? Any other corrupt and oppressive Arab governments you care to name? Changes in any toady governments supported by the United States or Russia?

If you are going to spin narratives of “hope,” shouldn’t those be true narratives of hope? Or is it enough that false narratives of hope fit into U.S. plans to continue to be a colonial power in the Middle East?

I am hopeful that there are “ethical” data scientists, which seems to be a popular topic of discussion, if not practice these days. On that topic, see my post: Ethical Data Scientists: Will You Support A False Narrative – “Community of Hope?”.

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