27 Reasons to Attend Clojure/West 2016 + Twitter List

Clojure/West 2016 Speakers

I extracted the speaker list plus twitter accounts where available from the speakers list for Clojure/West 2016.

Now you have twenty-seven reasons to attend! Stack those up against any to not attend.

Register: April 15th-16th, Seattle Marriott Waterfront

April 15th is “tax day” in the United States.

Wouldn’t you rather be having fun with Clojure than grubbing around with smudged and/or lost receipts? I thought so. Register today!

Whether the government picks you pocket one day or the next makes little difference.

File early and attend while the tax hounds try to decide if Thai numerals printed in Braille are a legitimate tax return. 😉

  1. Matthias Felleisen Types are like the Weather, Type Systems are like Weathermen
  2. Alex Kehayias Functional Game Engine Design for the Web
  3. Allison Carter, From Fluxus to Functional: A Journey Through Interactive Art
  4. Amie Kuttruff, Deepen and Diversify the Clojure Community with Jr Engineers
  5. Aysylu Greenberg, (+ Loom (years 2))
  6. Bryce Covert, USE lisp WITH game – Making an Adventure Game with Clojure
  7. Christopher Small, Datalog all the way down
  8. Claire Alvis, Creating DSLs – a tale of spec-tacular success and failure
  9. Daniel Higginbotham, Parallel Programming, Fork/Join, and Reducers
  10. Devon Peticolas, One Million Clicks per Minute with Kafka and Clojure
  11. Donevan Dolby, Managing one of the world’s largest Clojure code bases
  12. Gerred Dillon, ClojureScript and Lambda: A Case Study
  13. Ghadi Shayban, Parsing Text with a Virtual Machine
  14. Jack Dubie, Fast full stack testing in om.next
  15. Jonathan Boston, Caleb Phillips, Building a Legal Data Service with Clojure
  16. Katherine Fellows, Anna Pawlicka, ClojureBridge in Practice
  17. Mario Aquino, The Age of Talkies
  18. Michael Drogalis, Inside Onyx
  19. Michał Marczyk, defrecord/deftype in Clojure and ClojureScript
  20. Mikaela Patella, Web Development is Distributed Systems Programming
  21. Nathan Marz, Specter: powerful and simple data structure manipulation
  22. Nathan Sorenson, Hybrid Automata and the Continuous Life
  23. Patrick O’Brien, Braid Chat: Reifying Online Group Conversations
  24. Paula Gearon, Production Rules in Datomic
  25. Peter Schuck Hash Maps: more room at the bottom
  26. Priyatam Mudivarti, Caching half a billion user transactions
  27. Stuart Sierra, The Joys and Perils of Interactive Development

PS: Be careful how you use the term “weathermen.” The professionally paranoid in government remember a different meaning that what you may intend. As do some of the rest of us.

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