Twitter Suspension Tracker

Twitter Suspension Tracker by Lee Johnstone.

From the about page:

This site (Twitter Suspension Monitor) was created to do one purpose, log and track suspended twitter accounts.

The system periodically checks marked suspended accounts for possible reactivation and remarks them accordingly. This allows the system to start tracking how many hours, days or even weeks and months a users twitter account got suspended for. Ontop of site submitted entrys Twitter Suspension Monitor also scrapes data directly from twitter in hope to find many more suspended accounts.

Not transparency but some reflected light on the Twitter account suspension process.

Tweets from suspended accounts disappear.

Stalin would have felt right at home with Twitter’s methods if not its ideology.

Here’s a photo of Stalin for the webpage of the Twitter Trust & Safety Council:


Members of the Twitter Trust & Safety Council should use it as their twitter profile image. Enable all of us to identify Twitter censorship collaborators.

However urgent current hysteria, censors are judged only one way in history.

Is that what you want for your legacy? Twitter, same question.

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