Cheating Cheaters [Honeypots for Government Agencies?]

Video Game Cheaters Outed By Logic Bombs by timothy.

From the post:

A Reddit user decided to tackle the issue of cheaters within Valve’s multiplayer shooter Counter Strike: Global Offensive in their own unique way: by luring them towards fake “multihacks” that promised a motherlode of cheating tools, but in reality, were actually traps designed to cause the users who installed them to eventually receive bans. The first two were designed as time bombs, which activated functions designed to trigger bans after a specific time of day. The third, which was downloaded over 3,500 times, caused instantaneous bans.

I wonder if anyone is running honeypots for intelligence agencies?

Or fake jihad sites for our friends in law enforcement?

Sort of a Spy vs. Spy situation, yes?


Cyber-dueling with government before you aren’t wearing protective gear and the tips aren’t blunted.

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