3 Decades of High Quality News! (code reuse)

‘NewsHour’ archives to be digitized and available online by Dru Sefton.

From the post:

More than three decades of NewsHour are heading to an online home, the American Archive of Public Broadcasting.

Nearly 10,000 episodes that aired from 1975 to 2007 will be archived through a collaboration among AAPB; WGBH in Boston; WETA in Arlington, Va.; and the Library of Congress. The organizations jointly announced the project Thursday.

“The project will take place over the next year and a half,” WGBH spokesperson Emily Balk said. “The collection should be up in its entirety by mid-2018, but AAPB will be adding content from the collection to its website on an ongoing, monthly basis.”

Looking forward to that collection!

Useful on its own, but even more so if you had an indexical object that could point to a subject in a PBS news episode and at the same time, point to episodes on the same subject from other TV and radio news archives, not to mention the same subject in newspapers and magazines.

Oh, sorry, that would be a topic in ISO 13250-2 parlance and the more general concept of a proxy in ISO 13250-5. Thought I should mention that before someone at IBM runs off to patent another pre-existing idea.

I don’t suppose padding patent statistics hurts all that much, considering that the Supremes are poised to invalidate process and software patents in one fell swoop.

Hopefully economists will be ready to measure the amount of increased productivity (legal worries about and enforcement of process/software patents aren’t productive activities) from foreclosing even the potential of process or software patents.

Copyright is more than sufficient to protect source code, as is any programmer is going to use another programmers code. They say that scientists would rather use another scientist’s toothbrush that his vocabulary.

Copying another programmer’s code (code re-use) is more akin to sharing a condom. It’s just not done.

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