Introducing d3-scale

Introducing d3-scale by Mike Bostock.

From the post:

I’d like D3 to become the standard library of data visualization: not just a tool you use directly to visualize data by writing code, but also a suite of tools that underpin more powerful software.

To this end, D3 espouses abstractions that are useful for any visualization application and rejects the tyranny of charts.

…(emphasis in original)

Quoting from both Leland Wilkinson (The Grammar of Graphics) and Jacques Bertin (Semiology of Graphics, Mike says D3 should be used for ordinal and categorical dimensions, in addition to real numbers.

Much as been done to expand the capabilities of D3 but it remains up to you to expand the usage of D3 in new and innovative ways.

I suspect you can already duplicate the images (most of them anyway) from the Semiology of Graphics, for example, but that isn’t the same as choosing a graphic and scale that will present information usefully to a user.

Much is left to be done but Mike has given D3 a push in the right direction.

Will you be pushing along side him?

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