Searching For Sleeping Children? (IoT)

Internet of Things security is so bad, there’s a search engine for sleeping kids by J.M. Porup.

From the post:

Shodan, a search engine for the Internet of Things (IoT), recently launched a new section that lets users easily browse vulnerable webcams.

The feed includes images of marijuana plantations, back rooms of banks, children, kitchens, living rooms, garages, front gardens, back gardens, ski slopes, swimming pools, colleges and schools, laboratories, and cash register cameras in retail stores, according to Dan Tentler, a security researcher who has spent several years investigating webcam security.

“It’s all over the place,” he told Ars Technica UK. “Practically everything you can think of.”

We did a quick search and turned up some alarming results:

Just so you know, the images from webcams are a premium feature of Shodan.

As the insecure IoT continues to spread, coupling the latest face recognition software with webcam feeds and public image databases could be a viable service. Early warning for those seeking to avoid detection and video evidence for hoping for it.

Similar to detective agencies but on a web scale.

There are less obvious digital cameras with IP than the ones from Wowwee:


But most of them still scream “digital camera” in white with obvious lens, etc.

Porup reports that the FTC is attempting to be proactive about webcam security but penalties after a substantial number of insecure webcams appear won’t help those already exposed on the Internet.

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