Successful Cyber War OPS As Of 2016.01.05 – (But Fear Based Marketing Works)

From the text just below the interactive map:

This map lists all unclassified Cyber Squirrel Operations that have been released to the public that we have been able to confirm. There are many more executed ops than displayed on this map however, those ops remain classified.

You can select by squirrel or other animal, year, even month and the map shows successful cyber operations.

Squirrels are in the lead with 623 successes, versus one success by the United States (Stuxnet).

Be careful who you show this map.

Any sane person will laugh and agree that squirrels are a larger danger to the U.S. power grid than any fantasized terrorist.

On the other hand, non-laughing people are making money from speaking engagements, consultations, government contracts, etc., all premised on fear of terrorists attacking the U.S. power grid.

People who laugh at the Cyber Squirrel 1 map, not so much.

They say it is the lizard part of your brain that controls “…fight, flight, feeding, fear, freezing-up, and fornication.

That accords with my view that if we aren’t talking about fear, greed or sex, then we aren’t talking about marketing.

Are you willing to promote world views and uses of technology (think big data) that you know are in fact false or useless? At least in the current fear of terrorists mode, its nearly a guarantee to a payday.

Or are you looking for work from employers who realizes if you are willing to lie in order to gain a contract or consulting gig, you are very willing to lie to them as well?

Your call.

PS: You can get CyberSquirrel1 Unit Patches, 5 for $5.00, but if you put them on your laptop, you may have to leave it at home, depending upon the client.

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