Fail at The Economist Gets 304 Retweets!

Are you ever tempted to re-tweet a tweet with “facts” you already agree with? Without checking the story first?

I sure was today when I saw:


Posted from @TheEconomist.

When I saw it, that tweet had been retweeted 304 times and liked 202 times.

If you following the link to: Yearning to breathe free, you will find the sixth paragraph reads in full:

Refugee resettlement is the least likely route for potential terrorists, says Kathleen Newland at the Migration Policy Institute, a think-tank. Of the 745,000 refugees resettled since September 11th, only two Iraqis in Kentucky have been arrested on terrorist charges, for aiding al-Qaeda in Iraq.

In order to reconcile “not one” in the graphic and “two Iraqis” in the story, I have to assume the graphic artist didn’t read the story.

Moreover, I have to assume most of the 304 retweeters didn’t read the story either.

I wish the graphic were true but people being people the story sounds closer to the truth. Any sufficiently large number of people is going to have a few terrorists in it.

So? I assume there were some rapists, murderers, pedophiles, as well as doctors, lawyers, dentists and a lot of just decent people, the vast majority of the 750,000.

Generosity towards refugees should not be moderated or limited by as selfish and base a motive as fear. Not now, not ever.

BTW, read before you re-tweet. Yes?

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