16 Journalism Tools & Resources to Explore in 2016

16 Journalism Tools & Resources to Explore in 2016

From the post:

Every year we start with a fresh and very personal selection of tools and resources that offer a glimpse of the future of journalism. Mobile, virtual, highly visual, allowing to share and verify news in new ways, putting the audience first,…

Enjoy. Let 2016 be a great year to discover and tell great stories!

JournalismTools list their project, JournalismTools.io last, but in all honesty, it should have been first.

If that is the only link you follow, you will have gotten a lot out of their listing. Follow the others too but follow JournalismTools.io first.

No, I have no connection with the project or any of its members, but I can recognize dedication to fact finding when I see it.

We may differ on what the “facts” are or what they may or may not mean, but they are the starting point of having something to say.

Something to be captured by a topic map for instance.


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