Playboy Exposed [Complete Archive]

Playboy Exposed by Univision’s Data Visualization Unit.

From the post:

The first time Pamela Anderson got naked for a Playboy cover, with a straw hat covering her inner thighs, she was barely 22 years old. It was 1989 and the magazine was starting to favor displaying young blondes on its covers.

On Friday, December 11, 2015, a quarter century later, the popular American model, now 48, graced the historical last nude edition of the magazine, which lost the battle for undress and decided to cover up its women in order to survive.

Univision Noticias analyzed all the covers published in the US, starting with Playboy’s first issue in December 1953, to study the cover models’ physical attributes: hair and skin color, height, age and body measurements. With these statistics, a model of the prototype woman for each decade emerged. It can be viewed in this interactive special.

I’ve heard people say they bought Playboy magazine for the short stories but this is my first time to hear of someone just looking at the covers. 😉

The possibilities for analysis of Playboy and its contents are nearly endless.

Consider the history of “party jokes” or “Playboy Advisor,” not to mention the cartoons in every issue.

I did check the Playboy Store but wasn’t about to find a DVD set with all the issues.

You can subscribe to Playboy Archive for $8.00 a month and access every issue from the first issue to the current one.

I don’t have a subscription so I not sure how you would do the OCR to capture the jokes.

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