That Rascally Vowpal Wabbit (2015)

The Rascally Vowpal Wabbit (2015) by Kai-Wei Chang, et al. (pdf of slides)

MLWave tweeted:

Latest Vowpal Wabbit Tutorial from NIPS 2015 (Learning to search + active learning + C# library + decision service)

Not the best organized slide deck but let me give you some performance numbers on Vowpal Wabbit (pages 26 in the pdf):

vw: 6 lines of code 10 seconds to train
CRFsgd: 1068 lines 6 minutes
CRF++: 777 lines hours

Named entity recognition (200 thousand words)

vw: 30 lines of code 5 seconds to train
CRFsgd: 1 minute (subopt accuracy)
CRF++: 10 minutes (subopt accuracy)
SVMstr: 876 lines 30 minutes (subopt accuracy)

Interested now?


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