RTLSDR-Airband v2 released [Tooling Up for 2016, the Year of Surveillance]

RTLSDR-Airband v2 released

From the post:

Back in June of 2014 we posted about the released of a new program called RTLSDR-Airband. RTLSDR-Airband is a Windows and Linux compatible command line tool that allows you to simultaneously monitor multiple AM channels per dongle within the same chunk of bandwidth. It is great for monitoring aircraft voice communications and can be used to feed websites like liveatc.net.

Since our post the development of the software has been taken over by a new developer szpajder, who wrote in to us to let us know that he has now updated RTLSDR-Airband to version 2.0.0. The new versions improves performance and support for small embedded platforms such as the Raspberry Pi 2, but the Windows port is now not actively maintained and probably does not work.

Depending on your surveillance needs, the RTLSDR-Airband v2 + hardware should be on your list.

Governments around the world are continuing at a breakneck pace to eliminate privacy on large and small scale.

Citizens must demonstrate to governments that fishbowl environments are more troubling to the governing than the governed.

The data vacuum of the NSA can suck up the Internet backbone indefinitely. But, dedicated citizens can collect relevant data, untroubled by fraud, waste, inefficiency, and sheer incompetence.

Think of it as the difference between carpet bombing square mile after square mile versus a single sniper round. The former is a military-industrial complex response, the latter is available to all players.

As I have mentioned before, there are far more citizen-observers than government agents.

Make their “see something, say something” mantra your own.

See government activity, report government activity to other citizens.

I have no idea what victory will look like versus a surveillance state. But being a passive goldfish is a sure recipe for defeat.

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