Great R packages for data import, wrangling & visualization [+ XQuery]

Great R packages for data import, wrangling & visualization by Sharon Machlis.

From the post:

One of the great things about R is the thousands of packages users have written to solve specific problems in various disciplines — analyzing everything from weather or financial data to the human genome — not to mention analyzing computer security-breach data.

Some tasks are common to almost all users, though, regardless of subject area: data import, data wrangling and data visualization. The table below show my favorite go-to packages for one of these three tasks (plus a few miscellaneous ones tossed in). The package names in the table are clickable if you want more information. To find out more about a package once you’ve installed it, type help(package = "packagename") in your R console (of course substituting the actual package name ).

Forty-seven (47) “favorites” sounds a bit on the high side but some people have more than one “favorite” ice cream, or obsession. πŸ˜‰

You know how I feel about sort-order and I could not detect an obvious one in Sharon’s listing.

So, I extracted the package links/name plus the short description into a new table:

car data wrangling
choroplethr mapping
data.table data wrangling, data analysis
devtools package development, package installation
downloader data acquisition
dplyr data wrangling, data analysis
DT data display
dygraphs data visualization
editR data display
fitbitScraper misc
foreach data wrangling
ggplot2 data visualization
gmodels data wrangling, data analysis
googlesheets data import, data export
googleVis data visualization
installr misc
jsonlite data import, data wrangling
knitr data display
leaflet mapping
listviewer data display, data wrangling
lubridate data wrangling
metricsgraphics data visualization
openxlsx misc
plotly data visualization
plotly data visualization
plyr data wrangling
psych data analysis
quantmod data import, data visualization, data analysis
rcdimple data visualization
RColorBrewer data visualization
readr data import
readxl data import
reshape2 data wrangling
rga Web analytics
rio data import, data export
RMySQL data import
roxygen2 package development
RSiteCatalyst Web analytics
rvest data import, web scraping
scales data wrangling
shiny data visualization
sqldf data wrangling, data analysis
stringr data wrangling
tidyr data wrangling
tmap mapping
XML data import, data wrangling
zoo data wrangling, data analysis


I want to use XQuery at least once a day in 2016 on my blog. To keep myself honest, I will be posting any XQuery I use.

To sort and extract two of the columns from Mary’s table, I copied the table to a separate file and ran this XQuery:

  1. xquery version “1.0”;
  2. <html>
  3. <table>{
  4. for $row in doc(“/home/patrick/working/favorite-R-packages.xml”)/table/tr
  5. order by lower-case(string($row/td[1]/a))
  6. return <tr>{$row/td[1]} {$row/td[2]}</tr>
  7. }</table>
  8. </html>

One of the nifty aspects of XQuery is that you can sort, as on line 5, in all lower-case on the first <td> element, while returning the same element as written in the original table. Which gives better (IMHO) sort order than UPPERCASE followed by lowercase.

This same technique should make you the master of any simple tables you encounter on the web.

PS: You should always acknowledge the source of your data and the original author.

I first saw Sharon’s list in a tweet by Christophe Lalanne.

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