Going Viral in 2016

How To Go Viral: Lessons From The Most Shared Content of 2015 by Steve Rayson.

I offer this as at least as amusing as it may be useful.

The topic element of a viral post is said to include:

Trending topic (e.g. Zombies), Health & fitness, Cats & Dogs, Babies, Long Life, Love

Hard to get any of those in with technical blog but I could try:

TM’s produce healthy and fit ED-free 90 year-old bi-sexuals with dogs & cats as pets who love all non-Zombies.

That’s 115 characters if you are counting.

Produce random variations on that until I find one that goes viral. 😉

But, I have never cared for click-bait or false advertising. Personally I find it insulting when marketers falsify research.

I may have to document some of those cases in 2016. There is no shortage of it.

None of my tweets may go viral in 2016 but Steve’s post will make it more likely they will be re-tweeted.

Feel free to re-use my suggested tweet as I am fairly certain that “…healthy and fit ED-free 90 year-old bi-sexuals…” is in the public domain.

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