HOBBIT – Holistic Benchmarking of Big Linked Data

HOBBIT – Holistic Benchmarking of Big Linked Data

From the “about” page:

HOBBIT is driven by the needs of the European industry. Thus, the project objectives were derived from the needs of the European industry (represented by our industrial partners) in combination with the results of prior and ongoing efforts including BIG, BigDataEurope, LDBC Council and many more. The main objectives of HOBBIT are:

  1. Building a family of industry-relevant benchmarks,
  2. Implementing a generic evaluation platform for the Big Linked Data value chain,
  3. Providing periodic benchmarking results including diagnostics to further the improvement of BLD processing tools,
  4. (Co-)Organizing challenges and events to gather benchmarking results as well as industry-relevant KPIs and datasets,
  5. Supporting companies and academics during the creation of new challenges or the evaluation of tools.

As we found in Avoiding Big Data: More Business Intelligence Than You Would Think, 3/4 of businesses cannot extract value from data they already possess, making any investment in “big data” a sure loser for them.

Which makes me wonder about what “big data” the HOBBIT project intends to use for benchmarking “Big Linked Data?”

Then I saw on the homepage:

The HOBBIT partners such as TomTom, USU, AGT and others will provide more than 25 trillions of sensor data to be bechmarked within the HOBBIT project.

“…25 trillions of sensor data….?” sounds odd until you realize that TomTom is:

TomTom founded in 1991 is a world leader of products for in-car location and navigation products.

OK, so the “Big Linked Data” in question isn’t random “linked data,” but a specialized kind of “linked data.”

That’s less risky than building a human brain with no clear idea of where to start, but it addresses a narrow window on linked data.

The HOBBIT Kickoff meeting Luxembourg 18-19 January 2016 announcement still lacks a detailed agenda.

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