76 Viral Images From 2015 That Were Totally Fake

76 Viral Images From 2015 That Were Totally Fake by Matt Novak.

From the post:

We debunked dozens of fake photos this year, covering everything from Charles Manson’s baby photos to John Lennon’s skateboarding skills, and everything in between. It was another busy year for anyone spreading fake images on the internet.

Below, we have 76 photos that you may have seen floating around the internet in 2015. Some are deliberate photoshops created by people who want to deceive. Others are just images that got mixed up in this big, weird game of Telephone we call the internet.

If you get to the bottom of the list and you’re hungry for even more fakes, check out last year’s round-up.

Very amusing when viewed on a large screen TV! And, you may be helping family and friends avoid being taken in by the same or similar images in 2016.

Did you fall for any of these images in 2015?

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