Unicode to LaTeX

Unicode to LaTeX by John D. Cook.

From the post:

I’ve run across a couple web sites that let you enter a LaTeX symbol and get back its Unicode value. But I didn’t find a site that does the reverse, going from Unicode to LaTeX, so I wrote my own.

Unicode / LaTeX Conversion

If you enter Unicode, it will return LaTeX. If you enter LaTeX, it will return Unicode. It interprets a string starting with “U+” as a Unicode code point, and a string starting with a backslash as a LaTeX command.

I am having trouble visualizing when I would need to go from Unicode to LaTeX but on the off-chance that I find myself in that situation, I wanted to note John’s conversion page.

Knowing my luck, just after this post is pushed off the front page of the blog I will have need of it. 😉

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