Idiomatic Python Resources

Idiomatic Python Resources by Andrew Montalenti.

From the post:

Let’s say you’ve just joined my team and want to become an idiomatic Python programmer. Where do you begin?

There are twenty-three resources listed and the benefits of being an idiomatic Python programmer (or an idiomatic programmer in any other language) aren’t limited to employment with Andrew. 😉

One of the advantages to being an idiomatic programmer is that you will be more easily understood by other programmers. Being understood isn’t a bad thing. Really.

Another advantage to being an idiomatic programmer is that it will influence the programmers around you and result in code that is easier for you to understand. Again, understanding isn’t a bad thing.

As if that weren’t enough, perusing the resources that Andrew lists will make you a better programmer overall, which is never a bad thing.


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