Need a Bigoted, Racist Uncle for Holiday Meal?

I don’t know why uncles are always singled out as being racist and bigoted when difficult holiday meals are discussed but they are.

It is Thanksgiving” in the United States the fourth Thursday in November, to mark beginning of the first and only known case where immigrants took over a country and butchered almost all of its inhabitants.

The idea came to late for a marketable product this year, but would you be interested in an app that substitutes for having a bigoted, racist uncle for a holiday meal?

You know that all 1.6 billion comments on Reddit are available for download. (October 2007 to May 2015, + updates)

Some design issues for an app by Thanksgiving next year:

  • List of topics? Top 20? Top 50? Search?
  • Number of comments for each topic?
  • Generated voice?
  • Random or timed delivery?
  • Choose a side?
  • Other features?

It will be as close to having a bigoted, racist aunt/uncle of your own at the table as technically possible.

All suggestions and comments welcome!

PS: No “trigger” warnings.

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