LIQUi|> – A Quantum Computing Simulator

With quantum computing simulator, Microsoft offers a sneak peek into future of computing by Allison Linn.

From the post:

Next week, at the SuperComputing 2015 conference in Austin, Texas, Dave Wecker, a lead architect on the QuArC team, will discuss the recent public release on GitHub of a suite of tools that allows computer scientists to simulate a quantum computer’s capabilities. That’s a crucial step in building the tools needed to run actual quantum computers.

“This is the closest we can get to running a quantum computer without having one,” said Wecker, who has helped develop the software.

The software is called Language-Integrated Quantum Operations, or LIQUi|>. The funky characters at the end refer to how a quantum operation is written in mathematical terms.

The researchers are hoping that, using LIQUi|>, computer scientists at Microsoft and other academic and research institutions will be able to perfect the algorithms they need to efficiently use a quantum computer even as the computers themselves are simultaneously being developed.

“We can actually debut algorithms in advance of running them on the computer,” Svore said.

As of today, November 13, 2015, LIQUi|> has only one (1) hit at GitHub. Will try back next week to see what the numbers look like then.

You won’t have a quantum computer by the holidays but you may have created your first quantum algorithm by then.


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