Making Learning Easy by Design

Making Learning Easy by Design – How Google’s Primer team approached UX by Sandra Nam.

From the post:

How can design make learning feel like less of a chore?

It’s not as easy as it sounds. Flat out, people usually won’t go out of their way to learn something new. Research shows that only 3% of adults in the U.S. spend time learning during their day.¹

Think about that for a second: Despite all the information available at our fingertips, and all the new technologies that emerge seemingly overnight, 97% of people won’t spend any time actively seeking out new knowledge for their own development.

That was the challenge at hand when our team at Google set out to create Primer, a new mobile app that helps people learn digital marketing concepts in 5 minutes or less.

UX was at the heart of this mission. Learning has several barriers to entry: you need to figure out what, where, how you want to learn, and then you need the time, money, and energy to follow through.

A short read that makes it clear that designing a learning experience is not easy or quick.

Take fair warning from:

only 3% of adults in the U.S. spend time learning during their day

when you plan on users “learning” a better way from your app or software.

Targeting 3% of a potential audience isn’t a sound marketing strategy.

Google is targeting the other 97%. Shouldn’t you too?

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