BBC News Labs Project List

Not only does the BBC News Lab have a cool logo:


They have an impressive list of projects as well:

BBC News Labs Project List

  • News Switcher – News Switcher lets BBC journalists easily switch between the differents editions of the News website
  • Pool of Video – BBC News Labs is looking into some new research questions based on AV curation.
  • Suggestr – connecting the News industry with BBC tags – This prototype, by for BBC News Labs, is about enabling local News organisations to tag with BBC News tags
  • Linked data on the TV – LDPTV is a project for surfacing more News content via smart TVs
  • #newsHACK – Industry Collaboration – #newsHACK is all about intense multi-discipline collaboration on Journalism innovation.
  • BBC Rewind Collaboration – The News Labs team is working with BBC Rewind – a project liberating the BBC archive – to share tech and approaches.
  • The News Slicer – The News Slicer takes MOS running orders and transcripts from BBC Broadcast Playout, then auto tags and auto segments the stories.
  • News Rig – The future of multilingual workflow – A prototype workflow for reversioning content into multiple languages, and controlling an "on demand" multilingual news service.
  • Atomised News – with BBC R&D – News Labs has been working with BBC R&D to explore a mobile-focussed, structured breadth & depth approach to News experiences
  • Connected Studio – World Service – A programme of international innovation activities, aimed at harnessing localised industry talent to explore new opportunites.
  • Language Technology – BBC News Labs started a stream of Language Technology projects in 2014, in order to scale our storytelling globally
  • Blue Labs – BBC Blue Room and News Labs are working together to more efficiently demonstrate innovation opportunities with emerging consumer Tech.
  • Immersive News – 360 Video & VR – We are looking into the craft and applications around 360 video filming and VR for Immersive News.
  • The Journalist Toolbox – In June 2015, a hack team at #newsHACK created a concept called The Journalist Toolbox, proposing that newsroom content publishing & presentation tools needed to be more accessible for journalists.
  • SUMMA – Scalable Understanding of Multilingual MediA – This Big Data project will leverage machines to do the heavy lifting in multilingual media monitoring.
  • Window on the Newsroom – Window on the Newsroom is a prototype discovery interface to help Journalists look quickly across Newsroom system by story or metadata properties
  • The Juicer – The Juicer takes news content, automatically semantically tags it, then provides a fully featured API to access this content and data.

This list is current as of 29 September 2015 so check with the project page for new and updated project information from the BBC.

The BBC is a British institution that merits admiration. Counting English, its content is available in twenty-eight (28) languages.

Alas, “breathless superlative American English,” a staple of the Fox network, is not one of them.

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