Neo4j 2.3.0 Milestone 3 Release

Neo4j 2.3.0 Milestone 3 Release by Andreas Kollegger.

From the post:

Great news for all those Neo4j alpha-developers out there: The third (and final) milestone release of Neo4j 2.3 is now ready for download! Get your copy of Neo4j 2.3.0-M03 here.

Quick clarification: Milestone releases like this one are for development and experimentation only, and not all features are in their finalized form. Click here for the most fully stable version of Neo4j (2.2.5).

So, what cool new features made it into this milestone release of Neo4j? Let’s dive in.

If you want to “kick the tires” on Neo4j 2.3.0 before the production version arrives, now would be a good time.

Andreas covers new features in Neo4j 2.3.0, such as triadic selection, constraints, deletes and others.

As I read Andreas’ explanation of “triadic selection” and its role in recommendations, I started to wonder how effective recommendations are outside of movies, books, fast food, etc.

The longer I thought about it, the harder I was pressed to come up with a buying decision that isn’t influenced by recommendations, either explicit or implicit.

Can a “rational” market exist if we are all more or less like lemmings when it comes to purchasing (and other) decisions?

You don’t have to decide that question to take Neo4j 2.3.0 for a spin.

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