Writing “Python Machine Learning”

Writing “Python Machine Learning” by Sebastian Raschka.

From the post:

It’s been about time. I am happy to announce that “Python Machine Learning” was finally released today! Sure, I could just send an email around to all the people who were interested in this book. On the other hand, I could put down those 140 characters on Twitter (minus what it takes to insert a hyperlink) and be done with it. Even so, writing “Python Machine Learning” really was quite a journey for a few months, and I would like to sit down in my favorite coffeehouse once more to say a few words about this experience.

A delightful tale for those of us who have authored books and an inspiration (with some practical suggestions) for anyone who hopes to write a book.

Sebastian’s productivity hints will ring familiar for those with similar habits and bear study by those who hope to become more productive.

Sebastian never comes out and says it but his writing approach breaks each stage of the book into manageable portions. It is far easier to say (and do) “write an outline” than to “write the complete and fixed outline for an almost 500 page book.”

If the task is too large, the complete and immutable outline, you won’t get up enough momentum to make a reasonable start.

After reading Sebastian’s post, what book are you thinking about writing?

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